Help for Children

Sometimes a child hits a really rough patch in life. Some kids seem to be in rough places a lot. If your child is struggling in a rough place, you may be struggling too. You might be feeling worried or overwhelmed.

At times like these you don’t have to handle it all alone. Outside support can make such a difference for your child – and for you too!

One of the supports Trinity Counseling Services offers is play therapy. We know that this kind of therapy can be a big help to stuggling children. Through play therapy, children express their life as they see it, as they fear it, as they experience it, and as they enjoy it.

Through play therapy children may:

  • decrease problem behaviors
  • learn constructive ways to handle anger or fear
  • improve relationships both at home and at school
  • gain confidence in expressing themselves
  • grow in self-esteem

Just like you, we want your children to be free to flourish. We partner with parents to help children get back on track.

Trinity Counseling Services is a safe place for children to grow through their problems.